Energy efficiency audit : changes from July 2021

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Energy efficiency audit : changes from July 2021

From July 1, 2021, updates will be apply to the energy performance diagnostics, which will then include new measures.

As a reminder, this audit informs the purchaser of the energy consumption of the property (energy and greenhouse gases consumed) and it must be appended to the sale commitment. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the buyer can sue the seller for latent defects, and this action may lead to the cancellation of the sale.

For more information regarding the energy efficiency audit , please refer to our article to be uploaded here.

The rules of energy performance diagnosis are changing

(1) The energy efficiency audit will become legally enforceable against third parties. This means that beyond its informative value, it will now have a legal value allowing the purchaser to take action against the seller in the event of damage. For example, if the energy label assigned to the home is wrong, the owner will be considered responsible and he can in turn turn against the real estate diagnostician.

(2) The energy efficiency audit will be more complete. In fact, in addition to the label concerning the energy performance of the home, the real estate advertisement must also display a climate label: performance according to the greenhouse gas emission class of the property.

(3) The period of validity of the energy efficiency audit will also be modified and will be 10 years for diagnoses made from July 1, 2021.
In addition, for diagnoses carried out before July 1, 2021: energy efficiency audit made between 01/07/2013 and 01/07/2021: valid until 31 December 2022. Energy efficiency audit carried out between 01/01/2018 and 06/30/2021: valid until December 31, 2024.

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