The Hoguet law on regulation

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The Hoguet law on regulation

The Hoguet Law (Law no. 70-9 to January 1970) is the law that provides the legal framework for a large part of real estate activities in France.

In particular, it governs transactions with a real estate purpose, such as:
·    the sale of real property;
·    lease management or property management;
·    transactions affecting business assets;
·    transactions affecting securities held by real estate companies (shares, etc.);
·    sales of lists (of real properties).
The real estate professionals covered by this law are:
·    real estate agents;
·    property managers;
·    property representatives (sales of properties, sales of business assets, etc.); and
·   list traders.
The topics regulated by this law are very diverse. They cover the following:
·    the terms and conditions for conducting the business
·    obligations relating to consumer information
·    the rules governing advertising
·    pricing and the content of prices
·    how fee scales are displayed
·    obligations relating to sale and lease advertisements
·    various features of mandates and compulsory details
·    remuneration of real estate agents
·    the duty of real estate agents to provide advice