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Eco-friendly real estate

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Eco-friendly real estate

Ecology and sustainability are everyone's business, and the real estate market is bending to the new rules of the game.

Green real estate, sustainable real estate, eco-responsible real estate: these terms designate a certain number of applications that reduce the environmental impact, ensure the durability of the building and improve the living comfort of the inhabitants.

That's why, while the government has put in place measures to fight against thermal passoires and aid for renovation work, more and more potential buyers are now favoring green homes and sustainable construction practices.

Needs and values: your search criteria.

Real estate agents are indeed seeing the search criteria of new buyers evolve and they must now understand and integrate a new mindset of a demanding clientele. The property must of course meet the needs of its future occupants, but it must also correspond to their values in terms of sustainability.

Indeed, aware of the collective environmental responsibility, buyers are increasingly turning to ecological homes, respectful of the environment.

Eco-responsible real estate in France

In addition to a growing ecological awareness on the part of consumers, this green market is also driven by multiple political and government initiatives promoting sustainability in the housing market.

As an example, the goal of new positive energy buildings, the implementation of tax incentives and subsidies for homeowners and builders who invest in sustainable housing... The goal being to help stimulate innovation and investment in sustainable building practices, and to build to very high energy efficiency standards.

Passive houses, green roofs, solar power...

Sustainable housing comes in a variety of options in France, and builders are now incorporating green building practices into their projects: using sustainable materials, installing energy-efficient appliances, designing to maximize natural light and ventilation, etc.

Consumer attitudes and growing awareness of the environmental benefits of environmentally friendly real estate have contributed to the increased demand for sustainable housing in France - indeed, there is also a growing market for ecotourism, and consequently a greater demand for eco-friendly hotels and vacation homes.

Key points of the green real estate market

More than a niche concept, green real estate is now becoming a new standard, which is why your real estate agent is trained to understand green home and sustainable building practice, and this is to meet the demands and requirements of a clientele with green values.

Key points:

- Energy efficient appliances, solar panels, low-flow fixtures

- Long-term cost savings, lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs

- Consider the environmental impact of a property.

- Policy initiatives supporting green building practices.

Financial Costs and Benefits

While initial construction costs are generally higher for a so-called green home, homeowners often realize long-term savings with reduced energy bills and maintenance costs. In addition, green homes tend to have a higher resale value and are attractive to potential buyers.

From a strictly real estate perspective, sustainability is becoming the necessary standard, not a luxury, and it meets both practical needs and environmentally responsible values. Therefore, green features and certifications add value to a property and differentiate it from the competition in a tight real estate market.

Thus, the acquisition of an eco-responsible property is a true ecological and financial commitment that seems to pay off in the future because if it requires a higher investment at the outset, it is sustainable and guaranteed thereafter considering the political, economic and social trends for the future.

At Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty, our real estate experts will accompany you in your eco-responsible project on the French Riviera or abroad.

Contact us at +33 (0)4 92 92 12 88 or by mail at:

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