The 25 Most Significant Works of Postwar Architecture

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The 25 Most Significant Works of Postwar Architecture

In one of his recent articles written by Kurt Soller and Michael Snyder, the New York Times brought together three architects, three journalists and two designers on a Zoom meeting to list the twenty-five most important and influential architectural works erected since the Second World War.

The Jury:
- Architects Toshiko Mori, Annabelle Selldorf and Vincent Van Duysen
- Designer Tom Dixon
- The artist and scenographer Es Devlin
- The critic and collaborator of T Nikil Saval
- And Tom Delavan, design / interior director of T.

The purpose of the article is to highlight projects carried out over the past eight decades all over the world, public or private achievements, still being built, and to create a list of architectural works that have reshaped the world and their era and that remain influential today.

According to the New York Times, the conversation was very lively, and many criteria were taken into account, including styles, countries, aesthetics, typologies, social concerns of architecture, sustainability ... and all agree that their list would probably have been different if the speakers had not been the same, or if the conversation had taken place on another day.

For more information : The New York Times.

 Crédit visuel : The Centre Pompidou in Paris, photographed in 2018.Credit...G. Meguerditchian/ © Centre Pompidou, 2020 

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