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Villa La Favorite: An example of Belle Epoque architecture in Cannes

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 Villa La Favorite: An example of Belle Epoque architecture in Cannes

Villa La Favorite, nestling at the foot of the Californie district in Cannes, is much more than just a luxury residence. It embodies the rich and fascinating history of this emblematic region of the Côte d'Azur.

Built around 1884 for Maxime Outrey, a former French ambassador to the United States and Japan, this sumptuous property takes its name from Donizetti's opera 'La Favorite', premiered in 1840 at the Paris Opera and presented in its Italian version at La Scala in Milan in 1843.

The eclectic history of La Favorite

Over the years, La Favorite has changed owners and experienced prestigious rental periods. Most notably, it was leased by Mrs. Anna Thompson Dodge, the wealthy wife of the famous American car manufacturer. It was later acquired by Mr Gruss-Gallieni, son-in-law of Marshal Gallieni, who already owned the neighbouring property, Villa Wenden, then renamed Le Rouve.

Wishing to expand his estate, he acquired La Favorite and took advantage of the opportunity to demolish the top floor, which blocked his view of the sea. Le Rouve (the Chef's house in Malagasy) is now a luxury residence divided into luxury flats, located just above La Favorite.

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It is said that a secret tunnel was built between La Favorite and the neighbouring villa, Le Rouve, to facilitate the owner's escapades to his mistress. The villa also belonged to the Maharadja of Pudikopta in the 1920s, when he lived between Paris and Cannes. After his death, his wife Molly sold La Favorite. In 1942, General Weygand became the owner. In 1953, Jacques Loup, the new owner, attempted to raise the building to restore its original appearance, but his request was refused.

Resurrection and Renovation of La Favorite

The story of La Favorite doesn't end there. In 2012, the current owner entered the scene with a bold vision for the villa. By digging out the basement, he had a garden level added to the property. A complete renovation of the villa's interior was also undertaken, preserving only the original façade. The work was colossal, spanning five years and requiring an investment of around ten million euros.

Today, the main house of La Favorite boasts an impressive 794 m² of living space, including elegant reception rooms, five en suite bedrooms, a wine cellar, a study and a laundry room. A 65 m² guest house with two en suite bedrooms and a 104 m² caretaker's cottage with one bedroom complete this luxurious residence.

Two magnificent terraces and a rooftop offer a total surface area of 559 m² for enjoying the sunny Côte d'Azur climate.

La Favorite: a mecca for Cannes events

Over the last few years, La Favorite has hosted prestigious events, notably during the Cannes Film Festival for the biggest luxury brands such as the Forbes press group, the French brand Mont Blanc, or more recently the perfume branch of the Paco Rabanne brand, which organised fashion shows there as well as a recent advertising shoot.

An Oasis of Luxury and Comfort in Cannes

In addition to its rich history and impressive architecture, La Favorite boasts 3,103 m² of grounds adorned with a sparkling swimming pool and fountain, creating a true oasis of luxury and tranquillity. The location at the bottom of Cannes' Californie district offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, making this property a jewel of the Côte d'Azur.



What's more, one of the major assets of this exclusive neighbourhood is its easy access on foot to the beach. Residents can stroll through the shady streets and picturesque paths to reach the sandy beaches and the Croisette, where they can relax and enjoy the sunny climate of the French Riviera.

The combination of dream villas and proximity to the beach makes California in Cannes the ultimate address for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle by the sea. La Favorite is surrounded by famous and prestigious neighbours, just like the neighbourhood in which they are located.

La Villa Fiorentina

La Villa Fiorentina is an elegant Italian retreat nestled in the heights of Cannes, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and a breathtaking garden. This villa envelops you in an atmosphere of dolce vita and has its own chapel on the surrounding estate.

Villa Granada

Villa Granada is a jewel of belle Epoque architecture with a rich history closely linked to that of the town of Cannes. Superbly furnished in period style, it combines tasteful design with luxurious comfort. Enjoy a superb swimming pool and vast terraces in the heart of Cannes.

La Villa La Californie

Villa La Californie is a historic residence built in 1920 in the eponymous district. Between 1955 and 1961, it was the home of Pablo Picasso. It is also known as Villa Fénelon. It is currently known as the Pavillon de Flore. It offers spectacular sea views, a sparkling swimming pool and sumptuous interiors.

La Villa Bagatelle

La Villa Bagatelle, now a luxury residence, is a former estate built in 1928 for the Duc de la Force. It is a true oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city that exudes authenticity. The lush gardens, fountains and shady corners make it an ideal place to relax.

Le Chateau Soligny

Built in 1868 by architect Rimbaud on the orders of Aristide Boucicault, the founder of Le Bon Marché, this residence has undergone a complete restoration. Facing the sea, the house offers a 180-degree panoramic view of the Lérins islands and is surrounded by 8,000 m² of parkland.

The lush garden, conservatory and baroque glass roof add to the appeal, as does the 1,200 m² of living space. The property has undergone meticulous renovation, including home automation systems, a wine cellar, a private cinema and an infinity pool. Above all, it has been embellished with Italian marble, mother-of-pearl and leather floors....

Villa Domergue

Villa Domergue formerly known as Villa Fiesole, was built in 1934 on land at the foot of California, purchased by Jean-Gabriel Domergue. The villa's architecture and surrounding gardens bear a strong Italian influence.

The painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue meticulously designed the building and its decoration, while his wife, a sculptress, created the terraced gardens, complete with ponds and waterfalls. Following the death of Jean-Gabriel Domergue in 1962, Odette Maudrange-Domergue bequeathed the property to the City of Cannes in 1973.

This enchanting site is open to the public for temporary exhibitions and prestigious events, which generally take place in summer. It welcomes renowned guests from all over the world. This residence has been listed as a historic monument since 1990.

Château Thorenc

The Château de Thorenc estate has a rich history. It was acquired in 1832 by Sébastien de Riouffe, Baron de Thorenc, who is now buried in Montmartre cemetery. The château itself was built around 1870 for the Duchess of Bedford, then became the residence of Sir Richard Atwood Glass in 1876. It was later owned by the Duchess of Montrose, with additions such as a lawn tennis court replacing part of the garden.

The painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue created the decorations for the Venetian drawing room, and new structures such as a west gate and conciergerie were designed in 1932 by the architects Charles Legrand and Léon Le Bel. In 1937, the château became the residence of the Emperor of Annam, Bảo Đại, who called on decorator Jacques Courtois to embellish it. He kept the château until the early 1960s. In 1968, the architect Offenstein replaced the house with a block of flats.

Today, the estate is a modern, luxury condominium with many upmarket flats, but it has managed to preserve its elegant original entrance and botanical park. Each of these properties embodies the elegance and charm of Cannes in its own way, offering visitors an unforgettable Côte d'Azur experience.

La Californie, synonymous with luxury in Cannes

The Californie district in Cannes is much more than just a location, it is a true symbol of refinement and elegance on the Côte d'Azur. Nestled on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this luxurious residential area is renowned for its sumptuous villas, lush gardens and spectacular panoramic views. La Californie embodies the exclusive Cannes lifestyle, where Mediterranean art de vivre blends seamlessly with Côte d'Azur sophistication.

Here you can look forward to sunny days spent strolling along the famous Croisette, sampling exceptional cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants, exploring luxury boutiques, and enjoying glamorous evenings out in the city's casinos and clubs. The Californie district of Cannes offers an idyllic setting for those seeking a resolutely elegant lifestyle and an unforgettable experience on the Côte d'Azur.

Villa La Favorite, with its unique history and spectacular renovation, embodies the timeless elegance of Cannes. It remains a living witness to the past while offering modern comfort and luxury to its occupants. A true hidden treasure in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, La Favorite continues to dazzle all those lucky enough to discover it. Enjoy the history and luxury of Cannes by staying in this exceptional residence.

To find out more and to visit it, contact Frédéric Barth, CEO and member of the Private Desk at Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty, which is listing La Favorite exclusively for sale.

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