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Member of FNAIM

The first trade union for real estate professionals
FNAIM (the National Real Estate Federation) was formed in 1946,  and was the first trade union for real estate professionals in France and Europe. With its triple expertise (professional, legal and economic), FNAIM is the principal interlocutor for public authorities. 13 different professions are brought together in the Federation, including the transaction, management and property management professions, which represent almost 50% of the market shares of the real estate sector.

A real estate trade union that stays close to its members
FNAIM’s main vocation is to defend the professional interests of real estate agents and their clients by offering its members services that enable them to develop their skills and professionalism. The Federation has 18 Regional Chambers and 63 Departmental Chambers, and offers a training school with almost 30,000 man-days of continuing education and 450 students undergoing initial training. FNAIM has been advocating training for real estate professionals since the time of its formation.  2005 saw the creation of the ESI (the École Supérieur de l’Immobilier), which offers sandwich courses for the real estate professions. Almost 6 million people have been accepted by its member agencies today.
The FNAIM is a founding member of the Conseil National de la Transaction et de la Gestion Immobilières (CNTGI), and is a unique place for obtaining economic analyses of and the prospects for the profession in the sector.