The mission of real estate professionals

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The mission of real estate professionals

To provide security and guarantees for their clients in every real property transaction
To assist their clients with the regulatory, legal and technical aspects of a transaction.
To be the preferred contact person and the intermediary between the parties: lessor/lessee or seller/purchaser.
To advise and assist on the steps to be accomplished.
To centralize market offers.
To share their knowledge of the realities of the local market.
To determine a fair price based on supply and demand.

> Real estate professionals manage the entire relationship between a purchaser and a seller.
> They bring an external, objective point of view to an appraisal of your property.
> They share their knowledge of the market and the desired sector with you.
> They select products that correspond to your needs.
> They provide you with assistance throughout your project, from the first visits to signing before a Notary, including preparing the provisional sales agreement.
A fair price is one that responds to the criterion of supply and demand.
You can choose between different types of appointment – exclusive or non-exclusive – based on your needs.
If you choose an exclusive appointment, you will have a preferred, invested contact person.