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Connected villa: high-end internet offers!

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Connected villa: high-end internet offers!

Even if you have a beautiful villa or you rent it, Internet is also essential there. Home automation, television, video on demand service... Its uses are more numerous than we think, and very often indispensable. What are the best offers to enjoy the Internet?

Find the best Internet offer for your villa

Secondary residence, rented or main residence, the villa has for first characteristic to be vast. It is therefore important, to be able to benefit from the net in each room, to choose a quality Internet offer, and that covers a large area.

Optic fiber can be interesting, because it allows to get a powerful and fast offer. But if your villa is not located in a covered area (even if it is increasingly present throughout the French territory), you can opt for a 4G or better 5G box, ideal if your area does not receive optic fiber and which covers a large residence better than ADSL.

A fiber offer for your villa

Even if optic fiber is powerful, you may encounter difficulties in receiving it everywhere. It is then better to turn to renowned providers to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Remember also to check, first of all, that your area is well covered. If not, you will have to check with the Internet provider of your choice to see how to get connected.

There are different premium offers for fiber. Among the premium offers, you can find the Freebox Delta which has the advantage of being without commitment. You have more than 280 TV channels, a very good speed and unlimited telephony. Be careful, however, some countries are not included in the offer. The site recommends you to check beforehand if the countries concerned by the offer are suitable for you.

The SFR Fibre Power 8 formula (with commitment) can also be a very good choice to equip your villa. Good speeds, unlimited calls to hundreds of destinations, 200 TV channels, 100 GB of storage on the cloud and the OK SFR and Alexa (Amazon) voice assistants are thus included in the offer.

Bouygues Ultym can also be a very good choice:

● Excellent speeds,

● Unlimited calls to more than 110 countries (Europe, Switzerland, USA, China...),

● 180 TV channels,

● TV decoder recorder, Google voice assistant, Salto and Spotify access...

If you invite many people to your villa, perhaps you will want to dedicate an Internet network just for them while keeping (just for you!) your own line. You can then opt for two separate lines. For this, the specialists of advise you to subscribe to two contracts. You will be able to choose two fiber lines, or one fiber and one 4G for your guests.

These offers are offered with interesting discounts the first year. Don't hesitate to compare them to find the one that suits you best. The experts at advise you to use a comparison tool to avoid wasting time.

You want to know more about the different offers available? Check this page.