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  5. Home insurance, electricity supplier, internet box: everything you need to know when you move to France!

Home insurance, electricity supplier, internet box: everything you need to know when you move to France!

Moving in: Internet, electricity and home insurance

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Home insurance, electricity supplier, internet box: everything you need to know when you move to France!

Are you moving into a new home soon? Among the many things to manage, you have to think about installing an Internet box, opening your electricity meter and taking out home insurance. We explain how to proceed in order to make the right choices.


Internet Box: test your eligibility for fiber optics!

Today, the best technology available for your Internet box is fiber optics, explain the experts at boutique-box-internet. Much faster and more stable than ADSL or 4G box, with fiber optics, everything is almost instantaneous and you can connect several devices at the same time and without loss of speed. If you want, in particular, to equip your new home with home automation, optical fiber is the best solution.

But, first, you need to know if your home is eligible for a fiber optic installation. To do this, you must perform an eligibility test. All Internet service providers (Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR) offer this tool on their website. All you have to do is enter your address or the landline number. And you will quickly know which technology is available to you: fiber optic, ADSL or 4G box.

Then, depending on your needs, the experts at boutique-box-internet advise you to use an offer comparator to find the Internet box subscription that suits you best.

Finally, all you have to do is subscribe, online or by phone, with the provider of your choice.


Compare offers from electricity suppliers to open your meter

Since 2007 and the opening of the energy market to competition, individuals have had the choice of their supplier. If, before, EDF and Engie (ex-GDF) were in a monopoly situation, today, there are about forty actors, known as alternatives (Ilek, Plüm Énergie, Eni…), which offer many offers.

To help you make your choice, again, it is best to use a comparator. First of all, you must indicate the characteristics of your new accommodation:

- your exact address

- the type of accommodation (apartment or house)

- the area of ​​the dwelling

- the number of the electricity meter (PDL or PRM if Linky meter)

- meter power

- meter pricing (base or peak/off-peak hours)

- the energy used for heating, water and cooking (electricity, gas or other)

- equipment (dishwasher, washing machine, washing machine, air conditioning, swimming pool, etc.)

- the type of energy you want (green or not)...

After a few clicks, you will have access to the most advantageous offers for you. All you have to do then is study them by comparing the price of the kWh and that of the subscription.


Consider home insurance!

Home insurance is only mandatory if you are a tenant or co-owner. However, for owners, occupants or not, it is only optional, although strongly recommended.

Indeed, home insurance protects you against rental risks, and, in the event of a claim (water damage, fire, theft, etc.), allows you to be compensated for the damage caused.

In addition, in order to be better covered, it is advisable to take out multi-risk home insurance because, in addition to protection against rental risks, it includes the civil liability of the insured, but also that of the people who live in the household.

If you move, you have two options:

- stay with the same insurer by making a new contract for the new home.

- cancel your contract and take out home insurance with another insurance company.

In the first case, you just need to contact your insurance company to tell them about your move and your need to make a new contract with them for the new accommodation.

In the following case, it is advisable to use an online home insurance comparator to find the home insurance contract that suits you best.

Whatever your situation, it is advisable to start the process at least one month before your move. For more information, you can consult this site.