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Cavigal Nice Sports

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Cavigal Nice Sports

Today and for several years now, Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty is the official sponsor of the cycling section of Cavigal Nice Sports, a historic multi-sport club in Nice offering Triathlon, Football, Alpine Skiing, and whose cycling section is particularly active there.
At the origin of this partnership, our President Peter Illovsky, confirmed cyclist and member of the club for more than 10 years.
With some great awards to his credit (champion of Slovakia in team time trial, champion of New Jersey – United States, top 10 of the American championships…), Peter Illovsky is a true passionate fan of cycling.
Today, the bicycle is synonymous with relaxation, a way to decompress and enjoy the surrounding nature, in an ecological way, and in complete freedom. Cycling is also fraternity, conveying real human values and fellowship without any professional or social border.
And of course, it is a great way to visit the French Riviera…
CAVIGAL NICE was born in 1943 from the association of three clubs from Nice:
As Casino, Victorine and Gallia Club.
In 1955, CAVIGAL NICE merged with NICE SPORTS to give birth to CAVIGAL NICE SPORTS whose head office is located at 2 Rue El Nouzah 06400 NICE.
It is a multi-sports club and the cycling section is very active there. Affiliated to the federations FSGT, FFC and UFOLEP, it has been present on the front of the stage from the beginning and its reputation is undeniable.
The club has always had great champions and numerous departmental and national titles. How to not know these champions passed by the Cavigal such as Philippe Colevret, Ernesto Mendoza, Tony Mezure, and more recently the young Adrien Maire and Jérémie Clément, as well as Jérôme Lemoine National champion FSGT veteran, associated with Christophe Morin, Alex Pettinati and Regis Berthet, national champions by time trial team.
The CAVIGAL NICE CYCLISME offers various approaches to cycling with practice in competition, cycle-sport but also leisure cycling.
Through these different practices, CAVIGAL has now 110 licenses and owns 2 vehicles to provide logistical monitoring of their organizations and allow runners to travel for this purpose.
The club is also present on all the selections of the French Riviera committee.

This year Manu Portmann left his seat as President to Fred Vasseur. Let us not forget one of the pillars of the club: Francis Massimi.