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What if private banking were tailored for you?


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What if private banking were tailored for you?

Do you wish to benefit from personalized advice and a relationship built on trust and proximity? Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or manager, Milleis Private Bank, the 3rd largest independent private bank in France [1], supports you in developing your wealth strategy.

Targeting affluent clients, ranging from upper middle class to high-net-worth individuals, Private Banking remains accessible. While a traditional private bank typically manages financial assets ranging from 500,000 to 1 million euros, at Milleis, you can receive the guidance of a private banker starting from 100,000 euros of financial assets.

Milleis Private Bank offers tailored support to meet its clients' needs, addressing all their wealth, tax, or succession issues (support in financial markets, asset valuation, etc.). Both Private Bankers and Experts (Wealth Engineers, Financial Markets Experts, etc.) deploy their expertise and skills to serve their clients' projects.

In a world where wealth management is becoming increasingly complex and digitized, 'joining Milleis means, above all, choosing a relationship of trust and long-term commitment with your Private Banker,' emphasizes Jean-François VEZIANO, Director of the Cannes Wealth Management Center. It also entails building, growing, and transmitting financial assets through a range of products selected from recognized market players. Through 'Wealth Discovery' and regular monitoring, the Private Banker suggests adjustments to clients' investments when necessary, based on changes in their situation and needs, or on tax and regulatory developments.


Proximity, even at a distance

What surprises new clients the most? The proximity with their banker, meaning the bond that is formed from the first meeting.

Your Private Banker is your daily contact. 'Like a family doctor, they listen to you and build a lasting relationship of trust with you. Each client thus has the mobile phone number of their Private Banker and their Private Banking Assistant,' notes Jean-François VEZIANO.

Lastly, know that your dedicated private banker can also visit you at your home, alone or accompanied by Milleis experts.


[1] Press Release, 'Milleis Banque Privée finalizes its merger with Cholet Dupont Oudart,' February 7, 2023,

Cannes Wealth Management Center

8 Rue Frédéric Amouretti

06404 Cannes