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Green house

An ecological house is a house that limits its impact on the environment by reducing its energy consumption, a healthy and well-designed home. While "green" housing is at the heart of the news and a concern of many households, Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty takes stock.

Start by having an energy audit of your home established by a professional, in order to better understand your home and identify its weak points.

Improve the insulation of the walls, roof, and floor of your home, the first thing to do to save energy.

Change old exterior joinery - 10 to 15% of the heat escapes from your old windows and front door!

And don't forget to ventilate your house well! Once insulated, avoid condensation and mold problems, and improve air quality! If natural ventilation seems difficult to master, opt for mechanical ventilation which will only renew the air when necessary, with a humidity sensitive ventilation, or double flow ventilation.

Change your equipment for more efficient equipment and technology, including your heating system, as well as that for producing hot water - sanitary.

For heating, have renewable energy products installed: think solar, wood, heat pump, in order to recover the energy present naturally and thus limit the use of fossil fuels.

And why not generate your own energy? Once your house is well insulated, it can be qualified as a low consumption house or a passive house (without the need for heating): thus, add an energy production system and it will become a positive energy house: a house that produces more than it consumes ...
How? 'Or' What? Small wind turbine, photovoltaic panels ...

Opt for natural materials - wood, straw, stone, bio-based insulation, natural paints and plasters.

Benefit from financial aid: more information here

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