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The historic charm of Chalet des Rosiers: Queen Victoria's former vacation home in Menton

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The historic charm of Chalet des Rosiers: Queen Victoria's former vacation home in Menton

Welcome to the enchanting world of Chalet des Rosiers in Menton, a real estate gem steeped in history and character. Nestled in Menton's Garavan district, this magnificent chalet not only offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, but is also linked to the famous Queen Victoria, and Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty is listing a superb apartment for sale here...

Chalet des Rosiers and Queen Victoria

In March and April of 1882, Queen Victoria chose to stay at Le Chalet des Rosiers, leaving a memorable mark. This period is commemorated at the current entrance to the residence by a marble plaque, recalling the royal stay.

The residence also welcomed Empress Maria Feodorovna, the Prince of Wales with their children, Grand Duke Michael of Russia, Grand Duchess Olga, and Princesses Victoria and Maud of Wales, from April 17 to 29, 1896.

Why did you choose the Chalet des Rosiers?

Orchestrated by the Queen's former physician, Doctor Bennet, this stay in Menton will be remembered as a moment of relaxation suspended in time for the Queen.

Queen Victoria was warmly welcomed by Mr. Hentrey, a British gentleman who had already received her in his magnificent villa on Lake Como. To ensure her comfort, an annex was erected in just a few days to house modern gas-heated kitchens. Around a hundred members of the Queen's suite stayed in the neighboring Adhémar and Olivier villas, creating a family environment.

The Queen's gardens near Chalet des Rosiers

To enable Queen Victoria and her daughter, Princess Beatrice, to enjoy intimate moments, Dr. Bennet made his three-hectare garden near the Chalet available to them. The Queen, amazed by the beauty and mildness of Menton's climate, stayed there on several occasions.

The Chalet des Rosiers became her favorite retreat, allowing her to enjoy the sea air and picturesque views of the surrounding area. The legacy of this period lives on in the memories of the Mentonnais and in Dr. Bennet's later role as President of the Société des Médecins de Menton.

Today, this royal connection lives on in the watercolors of the Chalet des Rosiers from the Queen's personal collection by Edward Barnston Crawley-Boevey and Gabriele Mariano Nicolai Carelli, as well as those painted by Queen Victoria herself of views from the Chalet and held in the Royal Archives, lending the chalet an aura of timeless elegance.


View of the Chalet des Rosiers Menton dated April 1882 and View of the Drawing oom indow of the Chalet des Rosiers Menton dated March and April 1882, watercolors in notebook by Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom (1819-1901)

The Unique Architecture of Chalet des Rosiers

Chalet des Rosiers is distinguished by its refined architecture, a harmonious blend of Victorian style and Mediterranean charm. Period architectural details have been carefully preserved, elegantly blending nostalgia and prestige.

Turrets, elaborate balustrades and carved wooden details testify to the meticulous attention paid to the design of this exceptional residence. Living at Chalet des Rosiers means soaking up history while enjoying modern comforts.

Living in Chin, around Chalet des Rosiers

Chalet des Rosiers enjoys a prime location in Menton's Garavan district. Known as the "Pearl of France", Menton offers an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle with its picturesque alleyways, lively markets and pebble beaches. Residents of Garavan enjoy the sought-after tranquility of being close to the city's amenities and attractions. Strolls along the seafront, gastronomic escapades in local restaurants and easy access to the Italian border make Garavan an ideal place to live for those who love the good life.

Menton enjoys a privileged geographical location, nestled between some of the Côte d'Azur's most emblematic destinations. It lies just a few kilometers east of Nice, the region's main city, offering easy access to the infrastructure and services of this dynamic metropolis. To the west of Menton lies Monaco, the legendary city-state famous for its glamour and prestige. Its proximity to Monaco enables residents and visitors alike to enjoy world-renowned cultural activities and events.

What's more, Menton shares a direct border with Italy, making it a natural crossroads between the French and Italian cultures. This unique location offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to savor the culinary, artistic and architectural influences of both countries. The picturesque panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Alpine mountains on the other add to Menton's natural appeal.

An exceptional apartment at Chalet des Rosiers

Sporting a sloping roof accented by Alpine-style ornamentation, the building offers picturesque beauty. The contours of the first floor are enveloped by a spacious, intricately carved wooden balcony, adorned with roses and climbing plants.

The apartment for sale, located on the top floor, has been carefully renovated and now offers 77 sq.m of living space. Its layout includes a generous living-dining room with an integrated kitchen, a bedroom and two shower rooms. Access to the balcony from the living room affords spectacular panoramic views, stretching from Garavan's old town to the Italian border to the east. This exceptional view, once admired by the Queen herself, is just 100 meters from the waterfront, harbor, restaurants and amenities.

All in all, this apartment offers the perfect retreat for vacations or weekend getaways, nestled between the horizons of Monaco and the Italian border. Chalet des Rosiers in Menton embodies historic heritage, exquisite architecture and a Mediterranean art of living.

With its venerable link to Queen Victoria, its iconic architecture and its enchanting Garavan setting, this residence is much more than just a property. It's an experience, a dive into history and a glimpse into Menton's serene, luxurious lifestyle. If you're looking to invest in a property that combines timeless charm with an ideal location, Chalet des Rosiers certainly deserves your attention.

Contact us today to discover this exceptional apartment, listed for sale by Paul Hosier, with your own eyes.

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Poto credit : "Menton: the Châlet des Rosiers" - March 1882 by Edward Barnston Crawley-Boevey

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