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Between the Esterel and the Mediterranean : waterfront properties in Théoule sur Mer

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Between the Esterel and the Mediterranean : waterfront properties in Théoule sur Mer

The Esterel, with its distinctive red tones, forms the junction between Provence and the Mediterranean. A prime area for "waterfront" real estate, the Esterel is home to magnificent beachfront properties that offer spectacular views of the sea and give the area a prestige and architectural splendor that contrasts nicely with the surrounding wilderness.

Among these seaside communities dotted with prime properties is Théoule sur Mer, an area nestled between the red rocks of the Esterel and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, punctuated by coves, creeks, and picturesque beaches with breathtaking views of the sea, coast, and mountains. A true jewel of the French Riviera, it offers a privileged escape halfway between Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

Théoule in History

Once the residence of the lord of Mandelieu La Napoule, Théoule has also been a very safe anchorage port offering calm and tranquility since antiquity. The commune only welcomed its first year-round inhabitants at the end of the 19th century, when beautiful properties began to be built on the seafront.

Natural charm at the service of its environment

Théoule enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, and offers a vast diversity of wild landscapes that will seduce nature lovers. Lodged between the red rocks of the Estérel, Théoule offers an ideal seaside lifestyle for a quiet and relaxing Mediterranean escape while remaining close to the major cities. Each beach, cove or inlet opens onto warm turquoise waters, a discreet and confidential paradise.

Stroll in Théoule

The marina and its lighthouse lend themselves ideally to a sunset stroll that will also allow you to admire the beautiful properties that border it. One will also go to see the magnificent red stone castle, known as the castle of the Miners, a former soap factory of the 18th century.

The tip of the Aiguille de l'Estérel

Bathed in the light of the Mediterranean is the famous point of the needle of the esterel, a real case of red rocks hosting a lush and wild vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean.

Between the sea and the mountains, you can observe many typical Mediterranean species such as arbutus trees, mimosas, or lavender flowers that grow in fallow around the umbrella pines.

Magnificent aquatic destination, its beaches with turquoise waters lend themselves wonderfully to activities and water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, catamaran or wakeboard.

A seaside real estate landscape

The steep soils where the Esterel falls into the sea make construction on the commune of Théoule complicated, so this explains the rather linear style of construction, along the slopes. However, the size of the estates allows for privacy and discretion as for example in the Domaine de Théoule or the district of La Californie. Théoule-sur-Mer and the Estérel are home to contemporary villas as well as villas with more authentic styles without preference. However, there is a significant number of exceptional properties known as "pieds dans l'eau", i.e. in the front line on the sea.

Waterfront properties

Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty remains your privileged partner for your search for an exceptional property on the shores of the Mediterranean. We offer a wide variety, in terms of location and architectural styles, of waterfront villas with direct, even private, access to the beach or seaside. Cross your garden and access the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy an exceptional setting and a breathtaking view of the sea.

This is the case, for example, for the villa Le Trident in Théoule sur Mer, set on a private peninsula with its two private beaches. Built by the American architect Barry Dierks, it is distinguished by its luminous white color in its natural setting of red, green and blue.

Villa Anthea is also a magnificent example of a waterfront villa, contrasting its white exterior with the purple rocks and turquoise sea.

For more information on the villa Le Trident or on luxury real estate in Théoule sur Mer, contact our expert real estate agents in this sector by sending an email to the following address :

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