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Saint-Tryphon - an exceptional Belle-Epoque residence facing the sea

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Saint-Tryphon - an exceptional Belle-Epoque residence facing the sea

In the heart of the private estate of Cap Martin, a few minutes from Monaco, stands the Villa Saint-Tryphon, a mansion of very high standing, using all the codes of the Belle-Epoque architecture that made the reputation of the French Riviera.

Completely renovated and adorned with very high quality materials, the Belle is now offered for sale by the Private Desk of Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty.

To arrange your private viewing, contact Peter Illovsky.

The story of an extraordinary building on the French Riviera

Villa Saint Tryphon was built for banker Albert Kahn, who would purchase between 1897 and 1925 more than 13 hectares in the heart of Cap Martin. The property he acquired at the time brought together the Villas Kahn (or Zamir), Miramar and Dunure (today called the Villa Saint Tryphon), and he invited many personalities such as the poet Rabindranath Tagore, Austin Chamberlain, Wilhelm von Schoen ...

According to Kahn's wishes, the link between the three residences is very natural, thanks to a luxuriant vegetation and a flora mixing Mediterranean trees and more northern species.

The stock market crash of 1929 will hit Albert Khan hard, and we will proceed to the subdivision and sale of this exceptional set.

A notable owner

Albert "Abraham" Kahn (1860-1940) had a meteoric rise professionally and financially.

A noted banker

Working first for a tailor in Montmartre, he became a bank clerk, then an attorney, and a partner. He built his fortune from 1889, speculating on gold and diamond mines in South Africa, then collaborating with investment syndicates in industrial projects or Japanese and South American loans. In 1898, when he was only 38 years old, he set up his own bank.

A discreet patron turned to the world

Albert Kahn is also known to be a philanthropist. In fact, he wrote in 1887, that business success "is not his ideal". His interest in politics and social issues led him to create places for reflection and debate, with the aim of bringing people together and injecting an international current into his network of elites.

Through a dozen foundations, Albert Kahn seeks to understand humanity in all its aspects - biological, sociological, political, economic, geographical

His creations:

1909: visual inventory of the world - The Archives of the Planet

1908: Travel grants Around the World, allowing students aggregated at the University of Paris to travel the world.

1906: Société Autour du Monde (Around the World Society) to put former scholarship holders in touch with the international elite.

1914: creation of the Comité du secours national - assistance to civilian victims of the war.

1916: National Committee for Social and Political Studies, bringing together intellectuals to analyze certain issues and share their work with the authorities.

1918: manifesto in favor of conflict prevention and the rights and duties of governments.

The Wall Street crash will end his career and all his actions.

A residence of very high standing

Enjoying a quite exceptional sea view, Villa St Tryphon stands proudly on the edge of the cliff, facing the Mediterranean. Its typically Belle Epoque architecture is a tribute to the splendid years of the French Riviera; completely renovated, it now offers beautifully crafted materials and an incredible layout.

If the interiors are luxurious and comfortable, the exterior is just as prestigious, with a private road leading to the sea.

Find out more about Villa Saint Tryphon

A sought-after area

The Domaine de Cap Martin - former hunting estate of the princely family of Monaco, has been a private estate since 1889 that has welcomed all the greats of this world as they enjoyed the mild Mediterranean climate in winter.

Located on the Cap Martin plateau, this exclusive estate houses luxurious seaside villas, legendary houses in a dominant position on the cliff, allowing a panoramic view of Monaco and the sea.

A few minutes from Monaco, the Domaine du Cap Martin is certainly one of the most prestigious sites on the entire Riviera.

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Our real estate agents and our Private Desk, experts in this type of high standing historical properties in Roquebrune Cap Martin, will be able to advise you and guide you in your purchase projects in complete confidentiality.

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