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Marina Baie des Anges: a large-scale architecture emblematic of the French Riviera

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Marina Baie des Anges: a large-scale architecture emblematic of the French Riviera

A mythical group of 4 buildings moored between Nice and Antibes, in Villeneuve Loubet, on the French Riviera, Marina Baie des Anges is a symbol of modern architecture on the Mediterranean coast.

Often referred to as concrete sailboats or pyramids, these buildings with their distinctive and disruptive shapes tell a rich story of the late 20th century.

A living space in its own right, the complex has 1600 apartments, a 515-ring marina, restaurants, shops, and a thalassotherapy center.

An ambitious real estate project for its time

The construction of Marina Baie des Anges was launched by the CICA group under the direction of Jean Marchand in 1968 and spread over 25 years. The project consists of the construction of a marina, shops and housing on a 26-hectare site of marshland by the sea, between Nice and Antibes.

These mythical curves would come from a drawing made in the palm of the hand of the architect André Minangoy, responsible for the design of the project.

Boosted by the development of seaside tourism on the French Riviera, the real estate developer Jean Marchand then follows the architect in this adventure that will be the one of his life in the aftermath of May 68.

A long construction

The realization is spread over a quarter of a century with the delivery of the first building, Admiral, in 1970, the second Commodore in 1972, the third Ducal in 1980 and finally the last Baronnet in 1992.

The glory days of the residence

In the 1970s, the complex welcomes a privileged population that forms the discreet and exclusive club of "mariners", as passengers of the same cruise. Place of life welcoming the most fortunate, the most beautiful yachts were moored there and the latest sports cars occupied the parking lots.

The complex in the face of controversy

The boom in summer vacations and the land-use planning policy of the 1960s brought large-scale economic development to the Côte d'Azur. The latter being already urbanized, very few real estate projects were born, except for this one, which created the surprise.

Also, its size leads to a controversy, due to its gigantic size and its effect of visual barrier on the seaside. This project is a work of disruptive design, evoking huge white waves. The whole of the floors are articulated in tiers that roll up on themselves, an innovative idea that defies the norms of the building regulations of the time.

Today, the complex is still not unanimously accepted and has its supporters and detractors. All, however, agree on the gigantism of the construction and its architecture recognizable among thousands, and so distinctive of its location.

Distinctive architecture by the sea

This real estate complex marks the Côte d'Azur coastline with its original architecture, a titanic project carried with conviction by its developer and architect. The building's design refers to that of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, designed by F. L. Wright.

If here aesthetics prevail, we retain above all the surprising beauty of the harbor hidden within this white case, as well as the balconies which are detached at the end of each floor and allow private terraces with breathtaking views.

This same system of balconies also allows the inhabitants to be isolated from each other, which guarantees a feeling of intimacy within such an imposing building.

André Minangoy, architect of the French Riviera

André Minangoy successfully exercises his activity as an architect on the French Riviera. He realized in particular the domain of Pierre-Longue in Cannes and Le Vista Palace in Roquebrune Cap Martin whose balconies already suggest those of Marina Baie des Anges by their structure. Unfortunately, he will not see the completion of his monumental work in Villeneuve Loubet, he will die a few years before its completion.

Marina Baie des Anges today

If opinions differ around the architectural originality of the building complex for its time, the end of the twentieth will recognize his genius. The curved lines of concrete will inspire the Olympic Village in Montreal in 1976 or the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai in 1997.

Since 2000, the residence has been classified as a 20th century heritage site and its most spacious and highest sea view apartments are now sold on the discrete luxury real estate market.

Today, the marina is the subject of a major project over the next 30 years to modernize its facilities and bring it to an even higher standard. The project includes facilities for the preservation of marine ecosystems, a four-star hotel, a restaurant with its lagoon pool, reception and coworking spaces, seminar rooms, and a 200-space underground parking lot.

The Private Desk of Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty is your privileged interlocutor to acquire an apartment in this piece of history of the French Riviera.

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