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The Bastide d'Andon: a treasured piece of history rooted in 18th century Aixois architecture

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The Bastide d'Andon: a treasured piece of history rooted in 18th century Aixois architecture

Transition from feudal nobility to Bourgeois opulence

Nestled in the hinterland of Cannes, this elegant aristocratic bastide in Aixois style, built in the 18th century with origins tracing back to 1591, is more than just a property beyond the walls of the city of Grasse. It is a living testament to the history and refinement of a bygone era.

Originally acquired as a simple investment property, it underwent its first transformation in the 18th century under the ownership of the Count de Theas, Baron de Caille, imparting upon it an undeniable aristocratic aura. At that time, the high society of Grasse comprised a minority of feudal aristocrats alongside a majority of noble or notable families from the business world, among which were the Theas.

This architectural transformation earned the Bastide d’Andon the attention and admiration of its peers.

Symbol of prestige and refinement

In 1805, the prestigious Fragonard family, allied with the Chiris, took possession of this residence, marking the beginning of a new era for the Bastide. Under their stewardship, it became the jewel of the region, a place where art, culture, and refinement harmoniously converged.

Claire Fanton d’Andon: reviving a distinguished residence

The true turning point in the history of the Bastide occurred when her granddaughter, Claire Fanton d’Andon, inherited it. Driven by a desire to perpetuate the family legacy, she enlisted the renowned Niçois architect S. Biasini to enlarge and enhance the house in 1888 for a second "metamorphosis". This bold decision placed the Bastide on the map of the most prestigious residences in the region, thanks in part to its privileged location on the famous "perfumers' hill", close to the luxurious Grand Hôtel where personalities such as Queen Victoria stayed in 1891, as well as the prestigious estate of Alice de Rothschild.

The bastide's garden of Eden

Situated at an altitude of 340 meters and 15 kilometers from the sea, Grasse enjoys a privileged climate that attracts wealthy winter visitors from across Europe. The bastide, sheltered from the winds and fed by two springs, benefits from a microclimate conducive to the cultivation of a variety of exotic plants and fragrant species. The property's gardens are a true Eden, where banana trees, avocado trees, and pomegranates coexist with May roses, tuberoses, jasmines, irises, and numerous rare plant species.

A timeless heritage

What makes this bastide even more remarkable is its ability to preserve its original state through the ages. While many owners succumbed to the temptation to modernize and transform their residences, successive owners of the Bastide chose to preserve its authenticity. The "Grassois" shutters, period wrought ironwork, and specific joinery have been carefully restored, while the six fireplaces still adorn the main rooms of the house, bearing witness to the luxury and comfort that once prevailed within.

Today, the bastide remains a true treasure, a genuine family home under the azure skies, a living testament to the history of Grasse. It represents more than just a residence: it embodies the elegance, refinement, and artisanal craftsmanship of a bygone era. As the last intact bastide in Grasse, it is a true icon of French architecture and heritage.

More details

Discover exclusively at Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty this sublime 18th-century property in Grasse, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. With its 600 m² of living space on a plot of 6200 m² - the largest private garden in the center of Grasse, this historic residence welcomes you with a majestic entrance, leading to a separate kitchen, a dining room, and a reception lounge. Upstairs, the master bedroom with its small study, dressing room, and bathroom, and a guest suite with boudoir, wardrobe, and bathroom await you. The upper floors house 3 en-suite bedrooms, a living room, and a belvedere offering breathtaking views of Grasse and the Bay of Cannes. The meticulously maintained garden, adorned with five ancient fountains, a picturesque valley traversing the property and into which two springs flow, and a spring water pool constructed with ancient materials (stone coping and walls, interior in moss-green glass paste), adds to the charm of this property. A small annex house of 60 m² to be renovated completes this property, offering a terrace of 100 m².


Exceptional real estate in the hinterland of Cannes

As an architectural gem in the heart of the hinterland of Cannes, the Bastide d’Andon embodies the exclusivity and prestige of real estate in the hinterland.

Côte d’Azur Sotheby’s International Realty specializes in the sale of luxury properties on the French Riviera, offering personalized service and unparalleled expertise to meet the needs of the most discerning buyers. The Bastide d’Andon, with its rich history and remarkable architecture, perfectly represents the excellence and distinctive character of properties available in this sought-after region.

Whether for a primary residence, a holiday home, or a real estate investment, the hinterland of Cannes offers a range of possibilities for those seeking luxury and authenticity in an incomparable setting.

Immerse yourself in the history and timeless luxury of the Bastide d’Andon. Contact Côte d'Azur Sotheby's International Realty now to book an exclusive tour of this iconic property. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the incomparable charm of this historic residence, nestled in the heart of the hinterland of Cannes. Contact us today to schedule your personalized guided tour.