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The Esterel and the Var Coastline: from the Issambres to Agay
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The Esterel and the Var Coastline: from the Issambres to Agay

"Even for those who have seen Switzerland and Savoy, it is a beautiful mountain covered by the dark greens of the Esterel. The Alps can die here with dignity here." - Victor Hugo
‘The Esterel massif and the Var Coast’ is one of the most privileged Edens of the French Riviera, which stretches from the Massif des Maures to the Massif de l'Esterel, and where the most beautiful and luxurious properties compete with their charm and prestige.
This majestic coastline offers absolutely amazing views over the Gulf of Saint Tropez in the foothills of the Alps, with stunning colour contrasts: the turquoise sea, the deep red rocks of the Esterel, the green Mediterranean vegetation and the changing azure of the sky.
The Var coast is punctuated by charming seaside resorts such as Les Issambres, Saint Aygulf, Saint Raphael and Agay, that can be discovered along the famous road edged by iconic maritime pines.
The many iconic markets and their scent of ‘Provence’, the multitude of beaches and idyllic coves, and a breathtaking scenery make the Var coast a true paradise on earth.
With a rich historical heritage - including the Gallo Roman relics of Frejus or the "Belle Epoque" legacy of the Boulouris district in Saint Raphael - the Var seabord –which inspired the author Hergé when he wrote "the Black Island", 7th volume of the Adventures of Tintin and Snowy – seduces by its mild Mediterranean climate and its many hiking areas (Pic de l'Ours, the vieux semaphore, the Lac de l’Ecureuil).


"Do not come here if you cannot stay, or at least come back. These regions of the Mediterranean have the fault to ruin other countries and make them uninhabitable "Alphonse Karr (1808 - 1890).
Marvellous holiday destination since ancient times, St. Raphael went down in history during the eleventh century and expanded in the nineteenth century. Along its 35 km of shoreline, one can discover sandy beaches, creeks and sheltered coves, nestled among the famous red rocks of the Esterel. With its 5 marinas, Saint Raphael is the ideal city for water sports connoisseurs and for golf and tennis lovers, with the renowned Golf Tennis Club Valescure, created in 1895 by British aristocrats.
The town consists of several residential areas, such as' Boulouris'- with its small market, its 9 lovely beaches in coves and it’s fitness trail, 'Valescure' also called the 'golf district' - quiet residential area, with its succession of beautiful villas, luxury hotels, tourist residences, as well as large preserved areas such as 'Antheor - Le Trayas' – where the Esterel meets the Mediterranean in a dozen coves, a wild scenery, steep streets, splendid seabed and the most fantastic views of the French Riviera.


Former military port and Roman city, Fréjus is halfway between Cannes and St Tropez.
Founded in 49 by Julius Cesar, Frejus benefits from a rich artistic, cultural, historical and architectural heritage. The city is dotted with monuments among which are one of the biggest amphitheaters in Gaul, the Roman Theater, the golden door (vestige thermal baths dating from the 3rd century), the lantern of Augustus (remains of the ancient Roman port), the Gallic door, the Cocteau chapel aka the Notre Dame de Jérusalem Chapel (designed by Jean Cocteau in 1961 and finished by his adoptive son Edouard Dermit in 1965).
Charming seaside city, Fréjus and the small port of St Aygulf provide access to the coastal path and discover coves and sandy beaches.

Roquebrune sur Argens - Les Issambres

Link between the massifs of the Moors and the Esterel, its territory stretches southeast to the sea (Les Issambres), on the edge of the wood of Malvoisin – North - and rocks of Roquebrune (Notre Dame de la Roquette chapel) - west. Roquebrune, benefiting from a rich cultural and architectural heritage, looks like a Provençal village, with its arcades and time frames, its squares and fountains, flowered windows...
On the sea side, the resort of Les Issambres is a little corner of paradise located 15 km from the village, with its creeks, coves and beaches.


"The bay of Agay forms a very pretty dock, well sheltered and closed on one side, upright, red rocks, overlooked by the semaphore on the summit of the mountain, and prolonged toward the open sea by the lie d'Or, called so on account of its color; while on the other side is a line of sunken rocks, and a small peek level with the surface of the water, bearing a lighthouse to mark the entry " Afloat - Guy de Maupassant
Famous people stayed at Agay, such as Gaston Doumergue, Guy de Maupassant or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who married Consuelo Suncin de Sandoval. Moreover, a fountain of The Little Prince was erected a few steps from the Agathos residence in honor of that immortal book translated into over 180 languages, as well as a plaque on the Baumette lighthouse in tribute for the famous aviator who died for France on July 31, 1944.    


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